Synonyms to write to

communicate with, answer, approach, bandy words, chew the fat, chew the rag, chin, colloque, colloquize, commerce with, commune with, communicate, confab, confabulate, contact, converse, converse with, correspond, correspond with, discourse with, drop a line, establish connection, exchange letters, get to, interrogate, maintain connection, make advances, make contact with, make overtures, make up to, question, raise, reach, relate to, reply to, respond to, send a note, shoot the breeze, speak with, take counsel with, talk together, use the mails, visit with, write, ESP, accord, acquaintance, arbitrator, assail the ear, association, attouchement, be heard, breath, broker, brush, brush by, caress, caress the ear, closeness, come in contact, commerce, communication, communion, companionship, concord, congress, conjunction, connection, contiguity, contingence, conversation, correspondence, cutaneous sense, dealing, dealings, empathy, exchange, feel, feeling, fellowship, fingertip caress