Synonyms to wriggle out of

slip away, bow out, creep out of, depart, disappear, duck out, escape, exit, find a loophole, go on furlough, go on leave, leave the scene, mooch off, shuffle out of, skulk away, slide off, slide out of, slink off, slip off, slip out, slip out of, slip through, slither off, sneak off, sneak out, sneak out of, sneak through, squirm out of, steal away, take leave, worm out of, cast off, dodge, doff, dog it, douse, drop, duck, duck duty, get out of, goldbrick, goof off, malinger, not pull fair, put off, remove, shirk, skulk, slack, soldier, step out of, take off, throw off, undo, unwrap, welsh, alibi, alibi out of, apologize for, cover with excuses, excuse, li