Synonyms to wreckage

avenge, avengement, avenging, chasten, chastise, compensate, correct, counterblow, even the score, get even with, launch a vendetta, pay back, pay out, punish, recompense, redress, repay, reprisal, requital, requite, retaliate, retribution, revanche, revenge, right, take revenge, vengeance, vindicate, demolition, answer, complete answer, confounding, confutation, contradiction, controversion, demolishment, denial, disassembly, discrediting, dismantlement, effective rejoinder, flattening, leveling, overthrow, overthrowal, razing, rebuttal, refutal, refutation, smashing, squelch, subversion, tearing down, undermining, unmaking, upset, upsetting, wrecking, jetsam, castaway, castoff, derelict, discard, dogie, flotsam, flotsam and jetsam, foundling, junk, lagan, orphan, refuse, reject, rubbish, trash, waif, waifs and strays, wastrel, mess, C ration, Chinese puzzle, Gordian knot, K ration, Rube Goldberg contraption, all sorts, allotment, allowance, amount, arsy-varsiness, assemblage, assortment, baboon, bad job, bag, batch, befoul, befuddlement, benasty, bevue, bewilderment, big end, bi