Synonyms to worth the money

economy, GNP, barter economy, brevity, briefness, budget, capitalistic economy, carefulness, cheap, cheeseparing, collectivized economy, compactness, conciseness, concision, conservation, conservatism, consumer economy, control, curtness, discretion, diversified economy, easy, economic, economic system, economy of assumption, economy of means, elegance, farm economy, forehandedness, free-enterprise economy, frugal, frugality, gross national product, handicraft economy, hot economy, husbandry, industrial economy, inexpensive, laissez-faire, law of parsimony, local economy, low, low-priced, manageable, meanness, mercantile economy, miserliness, moderate, modest, national economy, niggardliness, nominal, overheated economy, parsimoniousness, parsimony, paucity, pinching, planned economy, private-enterprise economy, providence, prudence, reasonable, restraint, rural economy, saving, scrimping, sensible, shabby, shoddy, skimping, socialistic economy, sound economy, stinginess, stinting, succinctness, terseness, thrift, thriftiness, token, town economy, unexpensive, urban economy, village econom