Synonyms to with arms akimbo

loftily, Olympianly, aloofly, arrogantly, bombastically, condescendingly, contemptuously, contumeliously, disdainfully, flatulently, grandiloquently, grandiosely, grandly, gravely, haughtily, imperiously, imposingly, magisterially, magniloquently, majestically, nobly, ostentatiously, patronizingly, pompously, pretentiously, proudly, regally, royally, sedately, showily, soberly, solemnly, stately, stiltedly, superciliously, toploftily, tumidly, turgidly, venerably, windily, with dignity, with flying colors, worthily, elaborately, elegantly, en grand seigneur, erectly, extravagantly, gloriously, impressively, independently, like a lord, luxuriously, magnificently, pridefully, self-confidently, self-reliantly, self-respectingly, splendaciously, splendidly, splendiferously, sumptuously, superbly, with head erect, wi