Synonyms to wise up

tumble, alight upon, apprehend, arsy-varsiness, ball up, bite the dust, blow down, blow over, blunder, blunder upon, blur, blur distinctions, bollix up, bow, bowl down, bowl over, break up, breakdown, bring down, bulldog, bump into, capsize, careen, career, cast down, catch on, chance upon, chop down, clutter, collapse, come a cropper, come across, come down, come on, come up against, come upon, comedown, comprehend, confound, confuse, crash, cropper, crumble, crumble to dust, culbute, cut down, dash down, deck, deflation, descend, dig, discover serendipitously, disintegrate, dive, down, downfall, drop, dump, encounter, fall, fall down, fall flat, fall headlong, fall in with, fall over, fall prostrate, fall to pieces, falter, farrago, fell, fetch down, fidget, flip out, floor, flop, flounce, flounder, flutter, forced landing, foul up, freak out on, fumble, garble, get a cropper, get high on, glow, go down, go pitapat, go to pieces, go under, ground, grovel, happen upon, hash, have enough, have the fidgets, have the shakes, header, heave, helter-skelter, hew down, higgledy-piggledy, hit upon, hobbyhorse, hodgepo