Synonyms to windmill

eggbeater, agitator, beater, blender, cement mixer, chopper, churn, copter, crucible, emulsifier, helicopter, jiggler, melting pot, mixer, paddle, rotary-wing aircraft, rotor plane, shaker, vibrator, whirlybird, whisk, bicycle, bike, cycle, iron, minibike, motocycle, motorbike, motorcycle, pedicab, pig, road-bike, trail bike, tricycle, trike, wheel, gyroscope, balance, balance rudder, balance wheel, ballast, centrifuge, chuck, counterbalance, counterweight, drill, extractor, fan, fin, fixative, flywheel, governor, hairspring, impeller, jack, keel, mordant, pendulum, propeller, reel, roller, rolling pin, rotary drill, rotor, screw, shock absorber, spindle, spinner, spit, spool, springs, stabilizator, stiffening, tail plane, teetotum, top, treadmill, turbine, turntable, whorl, mill, C, C-note, G, G-note, Vandyke, abrade, amble, armory, arrastra, arsenal, assemble, assembly line, assembly plant, atomic energy plant, atomize, average, ball mill, basic, be turbulent, beat, bindery, blaze, blooming mill, boatyar