Synonyms to win freedom

cop a plea, acknowledge, admit, admit everything, allow, avow, come clean, concede, confess, cop out, escape without penalty, get away with, get by, get off, get off cheap, go at liberty, go free, go scot free, grant, let on, open up, out with it, own, own up, plead guilty, spill, spill it, spit it out, tell all, tell the truth, abatement of differences, abstain, abstention, accommodate, accommodation, adjust, adjustment, alibi, anythingarianism, arrangement, bargain, cash in, check out, compose, composition, compound, compromise, concession, conk, croak, deal, desertion of principle, die, drop, duck responsibility, duck the issue, evade, evade responsibility, evade the issue, evasion, evasion of responsibility, excuse, fence-sitting, forsake the world, give and take, give way, give-and-take, giving way, go, go fifty-fifty, go into retirement, impartiality, independence, kick in, kick off, lame excuse, likely story, live alone, live apart, live in retiremen