Synonyms to wild West

back country, Lebensraum, air space, back, back of beyond, backwood, backwoods, backwoodsy, boondock, boondocks, borderland, brush, bush country, bushveld, clear space, clearance, clearing, desert, distant prospect, empty view, forests, frontier, glade, hinterland, living space, open country, open space, outback, outpost, plain, prairie, steppe, sylvan, terrain, territory, the bush, timbers, uninhabited region, up-country, virgin, virgin land, virgin territory, waste, wasteland, wide-open spaces, wild, wilderness, wilds, woodland, woodlands, woods, back-country, backcountry, backwash, backwater, bush, sticks, Arabia Deserta, Death Valley, Sahara, afforestation, arboretum, barren, b