Synonyms to wife

goody, Tartuffian, Tartuffish, affected, ambrosia, better half, bonne bouche, canting, cate, choice morsel, common-law wife, concubine, dainty, delicacy, dessert, false, feme, feme covert, goodwife, goody-goody, helpmate, helpmeet, holier-than-thou, hypocritical, insincere, kickshaw, lady, manna, married woman, matron, mealymouthed, morsel, nectar, old lady, old woman, pharisaic, pietistic, pious, rib, sanctified, sanctimonious, savory, self-righteous, sniveling, squaw, tidbit, titbit, treat, unctuous, wedded wife, woman, partner, a party to, accessory, accompanier, accompanist, accompanyist, accomplice, accumulate, ace, act in concert, act together, affiliate, agglomerate, aggregate, aggroup, ally, alter ego, amalgamate, amass, amigo, assemble, assistant, associate, attendant, band, band together, batch, be in cahoots, be in league, bedfellow, bedmate, birthmate, bosom buddy, bring together, buddy, bulk, bunch, bunch together, bunch up, bunkie, bunkmate, butty, cabal, camarade, cement a union, centralize, chamberfellow, chum, classmate, club, club together, clubmate, clump, cluster, coact, coale