Synonyms to whitishness

achromasia, achroma, achromatosis, albescence, albinism, albino, albinoism, blondness, canescence, chalkiness, creaminess, fairness, frostiness, glaucescence, glaucousness, grizzliness, hoariness, lactescence, leukoderma, lightness, milkiness, paleness, pearliness, silver, silveriness, snowiness, vitiligo, white, white race, whiteness, Christmas disease, Hartnup disease, Werdnig-Hoffmann disease, achromatic vision, astigmatism, astigmia, bad eyesight, blindness, blurred vision, color blindness, cystic fibrosis, defect of vision, dichromatic vision, double sight, double vision, dysautonomia, faulty eyesight, hemophilia, ichthyosis, imperfect vision, mongolianism, mongolism, mucoviscidosis, muscular dystrophy, nystagmus, pancreatic fibrosis, partial blindness, reduced sight, sickle-cell anemia, snowi