Synonyms to white as snow

chalky, argent, argentine, branny, canescent, chalklike, comminute, comminuted, cretaceous, crushed, detrital, detrited, disintegrated, dusty, efflorescent, farinaceous, fine, flaky, fleecy-white, floury, frosted, frosty, furfuraceous, gone to dust, grated, grizzled, grizzly, ground, hoar, hoary, impalpable, lactescent, levigated, lily-white, marble, marmoreal, mealy, milky, milled, niveous, pestled, platinum, powdered, powdery, pulverant, pulverized, pulverulent, pure white, reduced to powder, scaly, scobicular, scobiform, scurfy, sharded, shredded, silver, silvered, silvery, snow-white, snowy, swan-white, triturated, white, affectless, alcoholic drink, anesthetized, arctic, autistic, beverage, blunt, catatonic, chill, chilly, cold, cold as charity, cold-blooded, coldhearted, cool, dispassionate, drink, drinkable, drugged, dull, emotionally dead, emotionless, frigid, frost-beaded, frost-chequered, frost-covered, frost-fettered, frost-rent, frostbound, frosted shake, frostlike, frosty-faced, frozen, h