Synonyms to well-educated

knowledgeable, all-knowing, apperceptive, appercipient, apprehending, apprehensive, au courant, au fait, authoritative, aware, brainy, bright, brilliant, clever, cognizant, comprehending, confined, conscious, cultured, discerning, enlightened, erudite, expert, familiar, feature, featured, gnostic, in the know, insightful, intelligent, knowing, knowledgable, learned, limited, mindful, omniscient, perceptive, percipient, perspicacious, prehensile, quick-witted, ready, restricted, sagacious, sage, sensible, sharp, shrewd, smart, sophic, sophisticated, specialist, specialistic, specialized, technical, understanding, well-informed, well-read, wise, worldly, abstruse, academic, accomplished, autodidactic, bookish, broad-minded, civilized, college-bred, collegiate, cultivated, deep, educated, encyclopedic, experienced, graduate, highbrow, intellectual, lettered, literate, pansophic, polyhistoric, polymath, polymathic, postgraduate, profound, sapient, scholarly, scholastic, schoolboyish, schoolgirlish, self-instructed, skilled