Synonyms to well in hand

in hand, accepted, accidental, accompanying, acting, active, ado, afloat, afoot, arranged, assumed, at work, brewing, businesslike, by one, chanced, chastened, circumstantial, constrained, controlled, current, doing, eventuating, extra, formal, forthcoming, free and clear, fresh, functional, functioning, going, going on, habitual, happening, harmonious, held, held back, held in reserve, held out, hushed, in abeyance, in control, in embryo, in exercise, in fee, in fee simple, in force, in operation, in play, in practice, in preparation, in process, in production, in progress, in seisin, in stock, in store, in the oven, in the wind, in the works, inaction, incidental, limited, methodical, mint, new, normal, occasional, occurring, on, on foot, on hand, on stream, on the anvil, on the fire, on the way, ongoing, operating, operational, ordered, orderly, original, own, owned, passing, possessed, prevailing, prevalent, pristine, put aside, put by, quelled, regular, reserve, restrained, resultant, routine, running, saved, softened, spare, stable, steady, stored, subdued, suspended, symmetrical, systematic, taking place, tem