Synonyms to weigh heavy upon

beat down, bargain, bear down, bend, bid, bid for, blow down, break, break down, bring down, bring low, bring to terms, browbeat, bulldoze, bully, burn down, cast down, castrate, chaffer, cheapen, chop down, clamp down on, coerce, compel, conquer, cow, crush, cut, cut down, cut prices, damp, dampen, dampen the spirits, darken, dash, daunt, decline, defeat, deflate, deject, depreciate, depress, despotize, devaluate, dicker, discourage, dishearten, dispirit, dive, domineer, domineer over, drive a bargain, enslave, fall, fall in price, fell, flatten, give way, grind, grind down, haggle, henpeck, higgle, huckster, humble, humiliate, intimidate, jew down, keep down, keep under, knock down, knock over, level, lord it over, lower, lower the spirits, mark down, master, mow down, negotiate, nose-dive, oppress, outbid, overawe, overbear, overmaster, overpower, override, overwhelm, pare, plummet, plunge, press down, press heavy on, prostrate, pull down, quell, rase, raze, reduce, repress, ride over, ride roughshod over, sadden, sag, shave, sink, slash, slump, smash, steamroller, subdue, subjugate, suppress, take down, tear down, terr