Synonyms to weekend

furlough, AWOL, French leave, abscondence, absence, absence without leave, absentation, absenteeism, absenting, boot, bounce, break, bump, bust, can, cashier, cut, cyclical unemployment, day off, default, defrock, degrade, demote, departure, deplume, depose, deprive, disappearance, disbar, discharge, disemploy, dismiss, displace, displume, drum out, escape, excused absence, expel, fire, fleeing, give the ax, give the gate, holiday, hooky, inoccupation, kick, kick upstairs, lay off, layoff, leave, leave of absence, leaving, let go, let out, liberty, make redundant, nonappearance, nonattendance, normal unemployment, paid holiday, paid vacation, pension off, read out of, release, remove, replace, retire, running away, sabbatical, sabbatical leave, sabbatical year, sack, seasonal unemployment, separate forcibly, shore leave, sick leave, strip, superannuate, surplus, suspend, technological unemployment, time off, truancy, truantism, turn off, turn out, unemployment, unemployment insurance, unexcused absence, unfrock, vacation, Admission Day, Arbor Day, Armed Forces Day, Armistice Day, A