Synonyms to weeds

offal, bilge, bilgewater, bones, carrion, chaff, culm, deadwood, debris, dishwater, ditchwater, draff, dregs, dust, filings, garbage, gash, hogwash, husks, junk, leavings, lees, litter, offscourings, orts, parings, potsherds, rags, raspings, refuse, riffraff, rubbish, scourings, scrap iron, scraps, scum, scurf, sewage, sewerage, shards, shavings, slack, slag, slop, slops, slough, stubble, sweepings, swill, tares, trash, wastage, waste, waste matter, wastepaper, paring, afterglow, afterimage, balance, bit, butt, butt end, candle ends, chip, chunk, clip, clipping, collop, crumb, cut, cutting, dandruff, detritus, dollop, end, fag end, flake, floccule, flocculus, flock, fossil, fragment, gob, gobbet, holdover, hunk, leftovers, lump, modicum, moiety, morsel, odds and ends, particle, piece, rasher, relics, remainder, remains, remnant, residue, residuum, rest, roach, ruins, rump, sawdust, scale, scoop, scrap, scu