Synonyms to warmhearted

affectionate, Christian, Christlike, Christly, adoring, benign, benignant, brotherly, caring, compassionate, conjugal, dear, decent, demonstrative, devoted, doting, faithful, filial, fond, fraternal, good, gracious, human, humane, husbandly, kind, kindhearted, kindly, kindly-disposed, languishing, lovelorn, lovesick, lovesome, loving, maternal, melting, nice, parental, paternal, romantic, sentimental, soft, softhearted, sympathetic, sympathizing, tender, tenderhearted, uxorious, warm, wifely, amiable, accommodating, affable, agreeable, amicable, approachable, benevolent, blissful, bonhomous, cheerful, civil, clubbable, clubbish, clubby, communicative, companionable, companionate, compatible, complaisant, compliant, congenial, cordial, courteous, desirable, dulcet, easy, easy-natured, en rapport, enjoyable, fair, fair and pleasant, favorable, felicific, felicitous, fine, fit for society, fond of society, friendlike, friendly, generous, genial, gentle, good-hearted, good-humored, good-natured, good-tempered, goodly, grateful