Synonyms to vulnerary

curative, adjuvant, alterative, analeptic, beneficial, corrective, curing, healing, helpful, iatric, invigorating, medicable, medicative, medicinal, remedial, reparative, reparatory, restitutive, restitutory, restorative, salutary, sanative, sanatory, therapeutic, theriac, tonic, wholesome, anhydration, blast-freezing, bottling, brining, canning, corning, cure, dehydration, desiccation, dry-curing, drying, embalming, evaporation, freeze-drying, freezing, fuming, irradiation, jerking, marination, mummification, pickling, potting, quick-freezing, refrigeration, remedy, salting, seasoning, smoking, stuffing, taxidermy, therapy, tinning, balm, Mentholatum, Vaseline, aid, allay, alleviative, alleviator, ambergris, ambrosia, anodyne, aroma, aromatic, aromatic gum, aromatic water, assistance, assuager, attar, attar of roses, balm of Gilead, balsam, bay oil, bergamot oil, bouquet, brilliantine, calmative, cerate, champaca oil, chrism, civet, cold cream, collyrium, comfort, commiseration, compose, condolem