Synonyms to voltmeter

electric meter, VOM, VTVM, ammeter, ampere-hour meter, coulometer, dynamometer, expansion ammeter, faradmeter, galvanometer, hysteresis meter, magnetometer, megohmmeter, mhometer, milliammeter, moving-coil meter, ohmmeter, potentiometer, thermoammeter, thermocouple, thermoelectrometer, variometer, voltameter, equipment, Lecher wires, RC oscillator, ability, accessories, accouterment, accouterments, adaptation, adjustment, anemometer, anemoscope, apparatus, appliances, appointments, appurtenances, armament, arrangement, attachments, baggage, barograph, barometer, basic training, bearer, bed, belongings, bevel, bilge pump, binnacle, blanket, boat hook, boss, box, briefing, bump, burning-in tool, burr, caliber, capability, capacity, case, catering, caulking cotton, caulking iron, chandlery, changing bag, chase, clearing the decks, clobber, closeup lens, compass, composing stick, conditioning, conveniences, darkroom, developing tank, diaphragm, dodging tool, dower, dowry, drawsheet, dryer, drying blotter, duffel, easel, electronic-flash unit, enablement, endo