Synonyms to volt

kilowatt hour, abampere, abcoulomb, abfarad, abhenry, abohm, abvolt, ampere, ampere-foot, ampere-hour, ampere-minute, atomerg, calorie, coulomb, dinamode, dyne, energid, erg, farad, foot-pound, henry, horsepower-hour, horsepower-year, joule, kilogram-meter, kilovolt-ampere, kilowatt, megacoulomb, megavolt, megawatt, megohm, mho, microhenry, micromho, micromicrofarad, microvolt, microwatt, milliampere, millihenry, millivolt, ohm, ohm-mile, photon, picofarad, quantum, statampere, statcoulomb, statfarad, statvolt, volt-coulomb, volt-second, watt, watt-hour, potential, EMF, ability, aptitude, bare possibility, between the lines, budding, bump, caliber, capability, capacity, chance, cogitable, concealed, conceivability, conceivable, conceivableness, conceivably possible, conditional, contingency, contingent, covert, cryptic, delitescent, developing, dormant, dower, dowry, electric potential, electromotive force, electromotivity, embryonic, endowment, equipment, esoteric, even chance, eventuality, faculty, flair, forte, future, genius, gift, good chance, good possibility, hibernating, hidden, hope, humanly po