Synonyms to vocational school

industrial school, POW camp, bastille, black hole, borstal, borstal institution, borstal school, bridewell, brig, business college, cell, commercial school, concentration camp, condemned cell, death cell, death house, death row, detention camp, federal prison, forced-labor camp, gaol, guardhouse, house of correction, house of detention, internment camp, jail, jailhouse, keep, labor camp, lockup, manual arts school, maximum-security prison, minimum-security prison, occupational school, oubliette, pen, penal colony, penal institution, penal settlement, penitentiary, polytechnic, polytechnic school, prison, prison camp, prisonhouse, reform school, reformatory, remand school, sponging house, state prison, stockade, technical training institute, technological school, the hole, tollbooth, training school