Synonyms to vocabular

verbal, adjectival, adverbial, answering, articulated, attributive, authentic, bona fide, candid, card-carrying, colloquial, communicating, communicational, communional, conjunctive, conversational, copulative, correct, dinkum, enunciated, expressed, following the letter, formal, functional, genuine, glossematic, good, grammatic, honest, honest-to-God, iconic, inartificial, interacting, interactional, interactive, intercommunicational, intercommunicative, intercommunional, interresponsive, interrogative, interrogatory, intransitive, lawful, legitimate, lexemic, lexical, lifelike, lingual, linguistic, linking, literal, morphemic, natural, naturalistic, nominal, nuncupative, oral, original, parol, participial, phrasal, postpositional, prepositional, pronominal, pronounced, pure, questioning, real, realistic, responsive, rightful, said, semantic, semantological, semasiological, sememic, semiotic, simon-pure, simple, sincere, sounded, speech, spoken, sterling, structural, substantive, sure-enough, symbolic, syntactic, tagmemic, telepathic, traditional, transitive, transmissional, true to life, true to natu