Synonyms to vitalizing

bracing, activating, analeptic, animating, animative, bearing, beneficial, benign, bolstering, brisk, burdened, buttressing, carrying, cheering, chill, chilly, constitutional, cool, coolish, cordial, corroborant, crisp, crispy, energizing, enlivening, exhilarating, exhilarative, fortifying, fresh, good, good for, health-enhancing, health-preserving, healthful, healthy, holding, hygeian, hygienic, invigorating, invigorative, maintaining, propping, quickening, refreshful, refreshing, regaling, restorative, reviving, roborant, rousing, salubrious, salutary, sanitary, shoring, stimulating, stimulative, strengthening, supporting, supportive, suspensory, sustaining, sustentative, temperate, tonic, upholding, viable, wholesome, zestful, zesty, dynamic, active, acute, adventuresome, adventurous, aggressive, alive, ambitious, animated, armipotent, authoritative, cogent, driving, dynamical, eager, effective, electric, electrodynamic, emphatic, energetic, enterprising, enthusiastic, forceful, forcible, full of pep, functioning, geodynamic, go-ahead, go-go, hearty, high-potency, h