Synonyms to veto message

veto, absolute veto, ban, block, constitute, decline, decree, defeat, denial, deny, disallow, disallowance, embargo, enact, enact laws, executive veto, filibuster, forbid, get the floor, have the floor, interdict, interdiction, item veto, kill, killing, legislate, limited negative, limited veto, lobby through, logroll, negative, nix, ordain, outlaw, pass, pigeonhole, pocket, pocket veto, preclude, preclusion, prevent, prevention, prohibit, prohibition, proscribe, proscription, put in force, put through, quash, quashing, railroad through, refuse, reject, rejection, roll logs, rule against, rule out, senatorial courtesy, stop, stoppage, suspensory veto, table, taboo, take the floor, turn down, veto power, yield the floor