Synonyms to veterinary

vet, bone, campaigner, canvass, check over, check up, con, contemplate, dig, drill, elucubrate, examine, examine thoroughly, eye, give the eye, give the once-over, go deep into, go over, grind, hard look, horse doctor, inspect, leer, leer at, look closely at, look over, lucubrate, new, ogle, ogle at, old, old campaigner, old hand, old pro, old salt, old sea dog, old soldier, old-time, old-timer, perlustrate, perscrutate, peruse, plunge into, pore, pore over, practical, practice, practiced, read, regard studiously, restudy, review, salt, scrutinize, seasoned, seasoned veteran, shellback, size up, skilled, study, survey, swot, take a long, take stock of, versed, veteran, veterinarian, veterinary surgeon, wade through, war-horse