Synonyms to vestiges

remain, abide, balance, be found, be left, be located, be met with, be present, be situated, be still, be there, berth, bide, body, bunk, cadaver, carcass, carry on, cease not, coast, cohabit, continue, continue to be, corpse, debris, defeat time, defy time, detritus, domicile, domiciliate, doss down, drag on, dwell, dwell in, endure, exist, extend, fragments, freeze, go along, go on, hang out, hold, hold on, hold out, hold steady, indwell, inhabit, inhere, jog on, keep, keep going, keep on, keep quiet, last, last long, last out, leavings, leftovers, lie, lie still, linger, live, live on, live through, lodge, maintain, mark time, nest, never cease, not breathe, not stir, occupy, occur, oddments, odds and ends, perch, perdure, perennate, persevere, persist, prevail, remain motionless, remainder, remains, repose, reside, residue, rest, room, roost, run, run on, scraps, slog on, squat, stagger on, stand, stand fast, stand firm, stand still, stay, stay on, stay put, stick, stick around, stick fast, subsist, survive, sustain, tarry, tenant, tide over, traces, tread water, wait, wear, wear well, scrap, abandon, abort, affray