Synonyms to verbigeration

aphasia, anaudia, aphonia, aphrasia, deaf-muteness, dumbness, dysarthria, dysphasia, echolalia, hysterical aphonia, imperfect speech, inarticulateness, incoherence, jargon aphasia, loss of speech, motor aphasia, muteness, mutism, paranomia, paraphasia, psychophonasthenia, speech defect, speechlessness, tonguelessness, voicelessness, wordlessness, artificial voice, broken speech, broken tones, broken voice, childish treble, choked voice, cracked voice, croak, crow, dyslalia, dyslogia, dysphonia, dysphrasia, falsetto, harshness, hawking voice, hiss, hoarseness, idioglossia, idiolalia, impairment of speech, lisp, lisping, loss of voice, muzzy speech, nasal tone, nasalization, quaver, shake, sibilation, speech impediment, tremor, twang