Synonyms to verbality

logorrhea, abundance, amplitude, cloud of words, copiousness, diffuseness, diffusion, diffusiveness, effusion, effusiveness, extravagance, exuberance, fecundity, fertility, flow of words, fluency, flux of words, formlessness, gush, gushing, logomania, long-windedness, longiloquence, macrology, outpour, overflow, palilogy, pleonasm, prodigality, productivity, profuseness, profusion, prolificacy, prolificity, prolixity, rampancy, rankness, redundancy, reiteration, reiterativeness, repetition for effect, repetitiveness, superabundance, superfluity, superflux, talkativeness, tautology, teemingness, tirade, verbal diarrhea, verbalism, verbiage, verbosity, wordiness, battology, bedizenment, circumambages, circumbendibus, circumlocution, duplication, duplication of effort, embellishment, expletive, fat, featherbedding, filling, frill, frills, frippery, gingerbread, iteration,