Synonyms to velvetiness

satin, alabaster, attenuate, attenuated, billiard table, blubber, bowling alley, bowling green, breeze, butter, clay, cushion, daintiness, dainty, delicacy, delicate, dough, down, downiness, downy, eiderdown, feather bed, feathers, filminess, filmy, fine, fine-drawn, fine-grained, fine-grainedness, fineness, finespun, flat, fleece, floss, flue, fluff, fluffiness, fluffy, foam, fuzz, fuzziness, fuzzy, gauzy, glass, gossamer, gossameriness, gossamery, ice, ivory, kapok, level, mahogany, marble, peach fuzz, pillow, plane, plush, pubescence, pubescent, pudding, puff, putty, refined, refinement, rubber, satininess, satiny, silk, silkiness, silky, slide, smooth, smoothness, softness, swansdown, tennis court, thin-spun, thistledown, velutinous, velvet, velvety, wax, wiredrawn, wool, zephyr, tenderness, acceptance, airiness, algesia, allergy, anaphylaxis, ascent, bleeding heart, bloom, bowels of compassion, bubbliness, budtime, buoyancy, clemency, clementness, compassion, compassionateness, considerateness, early years, easiness, easygoingness, empathy, ethereality, exquisiteness, f