Synonyms to valuables

asset, advantage, assets, bankroll, benefit, capital, distinction, effects, equity, glory, holdings, honor, means, money, ornament, possessions, principal, property, resource, resources, strength, talent, wealth, treasure, Festschrift, Swiss bank account, abundance, accumulate, accumulation, admire, adore, affluence, amass, amassment, ana, anthology, appreciate, apprize, aquarium, ascribe importance to, backlog, balance, bank account, bear, bear in mind, boast, body, bosom, bottom dollar, bottomless purse, brood over, budget, bulging purse, cache, cash, cash reserves, catch, checking account, cherish, chrestomathy, cling to, clip, collect, collectanea, collection, command of money, commissariat, commissary, compilation, conserve, cornucopia, corpus, cumulate, cumulation, darling, data, dearly love, delight, diamond, dump, dwell on, dwell upon, easy circumstances, embarras de richesses, embosom, embrace, entertain, esteem, exchequer, fan the embers, finances, find, florilegium, fondle, fortune, foster, fund, funds, garner, garner up, gather into barns, gem, godsend, gold, good thing, guard, handso