Synonyms to vain attempt

dud, abortion, abortive attempt, also-ran, aspirant, baby kisser, bankrupt, blank cartridge, bogy, bomb, bugaboo, bugbear, bust, candidate, castrato, cipher, cry of wolf, dark horse, defeated candidate, dummy, eunuch, failure, false alarm, favorite son, flop, gelding, hollow man, hopeful, impotent, incompetent, invalid, jackstraw, lame duck, lay figure, lemon, loser, man of straw, merry chase, miscarriage, miscarrying, misfire, nebbish, nobody, nonentity, nothing, nullity, office seeker, political hopeful, presidential timber, puppet, pushover, running mate, stalking-horse, thing of naught, trifle, washout, weakling, wet squib, wild-goose chase, zero, flash in the pan, best seller, big hit, brilliant success, bubble, ephemera, ephemeral, ephemerid, ephemerides, ephemeris, fad, gas, gasser, great success, hit, killing, mayfly