Synonyms to vaccinate

inoculate, admit, animate, beat into, brainwash, catechize, condition, ease in, embue, enliven, enter, exhilarate, fire, imbue, immunize, implant, impregnate, impress, inculcate, indoctrinate, infect, infix, inform, infuse, ingrain, inject, insert, insinuate, inspire, inspirit, instill, interject, introduce, intromit, invest, leaven, perfuse, pop in, program, put in, set in, shoot, slip in, spirit, spirit up, steep, stick in, suffuse, throw in, tuck in, whip in, Photostat, X-ray, Xerox, ache, acute pain, agonize, ail, aim at, altitude peak, anguish, annihilate, assassinate, automatic control, backfire, barf, barrage, be bright, beacon, beam, beat, bedazzle, behead, bine, bite, blanch, blast, blast off, blast-off, blaze, blench, blind, blitz, blow out, blow to pieces, blow up, boil, bolt, bombard, boring pain, bough, bound, bowstring, brain, branch, branchedness, branchiness, bring down, buck, bud, burgeon, burn, burn to death, burnout, burst, burst forth, bust, calotype, campaign, cannon, cannonade, capture on film, career, cascade, cashier, cast, catch a crab, ceiling, charge, charley horse, chase, chimney, chuc