Synonyms to unsnap

undo, KO, abate, abolish, abrogate, annihilate, annul, answer, atomize, bare, beat, beat all hollow, beat hollow, best, bottom, break to pieces, bring down, bring to naught, bring to nothing, buffer, cancel, cancel out, cast off, clear, clear up, cleave, come to nothing, cook, counterbalance, crack, crush, dash, debauch, debug, decimate, decipher, decode, defeat, demolish, demoralize, deobstruct, destroy, detach, disassemble, disclose, disengage, disentangle, dish, disintegrate, dismantle, divine, do, do for, do in, doff, dope, dope out, douse, drop, drub, explain, expose, fathom, figure out, find out, find the answer, find the solution, fix, fragment, free, frustrate, get, get right, guess, guess right, have, have it, hide, hit it, hors de combat, interpret, invalidate, knock down, knock out, lambaste, lather, liberate, lick, loose, loosen, make mincemeat of, make out, manifest, negate, negativate, negative, neutralize, nullify, offset, ope, open, open the lock, outclass, outdo, outfight, outfox, outgeneral, outmaneuver, outpoint, outreach, outrun, outsail, outshine, outsmart, overcome, overreach, patefy, pick to pieces, pl