Synonyms to unpretty

blameworthy, abominable, accusable, amiss, arraignable, arrant, at fault, atrocious, awful, bad, base, beastly, beneath contempt, black, blamable, blameful, brutal, censurable, chargeable, contemptible, criminal, culpable, damnable, dark, delinquent, deplorable, despicable, detestable, dire, disgraceful, disgusting, dreadful, egregious, enormous, evil, execrable, faultful, fetid, filthy, flagitious, flagrant, foolish, foul, fulsome, grievous, gross, guilty, hateful, heinous, horrible, horrid, illaudable, impeachable, improper, imputable, indictable, infamous, iniquitous, irresponsible, knavish, lamentable, loathsome, lousy, low, monstrous, nasty, naughty, nefarious, noisome, notorious, obnoxious, odious, offensive, open to criticism, outrageous, peccant, pitiable, pitiful, punishable, rank, reckless, regrettable, reprehensible, reproachable, reprobate, reprovable, repulsive, rotten, sad, scandalous, schlock, scurvy, shabby, shameful, shocking, shoddy, sinful, sordid, squalid, terrible, to blame, too bad, unclean, uncommendable, unforgivable, unholy, unpardonable, unpraiseworthy, unspeakable, unworthy, viciou