Synonyms to unplaced

exiled, banned, barred, debarred, deported, ejected, excluded, expelled, homeless, houseless, left out, liquidated, not in it, not included, outcast, precluded, prohibited, purged, shut out, stateless, tabooed, unestablished, unharbored, unhoused, unsettled, abandoned, alienated, alone, aloof, apart, bankrupt, bums, companionless, defenseless, derelict, deserted, desolate, destitute, detached, down-and-out, fatherless, forlorn, forsaken, fortuneless, friendless, godforsaken, helpless, in the gutter, in the red, insolvent, insular, isolated, kithless, landless, lone, lonely, lonesome, moneyless, motherless, out of funds, penniless, propertyless, removed, rootless, separate, separated, single-handed, solitary, solo, unabetted, unaccompanied, unaided, unassisted, unattended, unescorted, unfriended, unseconded, unsupported, vagabond, withdrawn, without a sou, DP, Diogenes, Hieronymian, Hieronymite, Ishmael, Jim Crow, Timon of Athens, alien, anchoress, anchorite, apartheid, ascetic,