Synonyms to units

firepower, antiaircraft fire, cross fire, curtain fire, direct fire, dry fire, fighting force, file fire, fire, fire of demolition, fireworks, firing, flack, flak, forces, ground fire, gunfight, gunfire, gunplay, hands, high-angle fire, horizontal fire, interdiction fire, machine-gun fire, men, mortar fire, musketry, percussion fire, personnel, pistol fire, raking fire, rapid fire, ricochet fire, rifle fire, shellfire, shoot-out, shooting, the big battalions, time fire, troops, vertical fire, work force, zone fire, fitting, a propos, about-face, accessories, accommodation, accordant, according to Hoyle, accouterments, ad rem, adaptation, adapted, adjustment, advantageous, advisable, alteration, amelioration, apostasy, apparatus, appliances, applicable, appointments, apposite, appropriate, appurtenances, apropos, apt, armament, attachments, auspicious, banausic, becoming, befitting, beneficial, betterment, break, change, change of heart, changeableness, civil, comely, comme il faut, commodious, concordant, condign, conditioning, congruous, constructive change, continuity, conveniences, convenie