Synonyms to unintelligentsia

ignoramus, abecedarian, alphabetarian, apprentice, articled clerk, ass, beginner, boot, born fool, buffoon, catechumen, clown, dabbler, debutant, dilettante, doodle, dullard, dullhead, dumbbell, dummkopf, dummy, dunce, egregious ass, entrant, figure of fun, fledgling, fool, freshman, greenhorn, greeny, idiot, illiterate, illiterati, inductee, initiate, jackass, know-nothing, lowbrow, lunatic, middlebrow, milksop, mooncalf, moron, neophyte, new boy, newcomer, no scholar, novice, novitiate, perfect fool, postulant, probationer, probationist, puddinghead, raw recruit, recruit, rookie, schmuck, simpleton, softhead, sop, stupid, stupid ass, tenderfoot, tomfool, tyro, zany, Gothic, Philistine, barbarous, benighted, bookless, deceived, empty-headed, functionally illiterate, grammarless, heathen, hoodwinked, ignorant, ill-educated, led astray, misinformed, misinstructed, mistaught, nonintellectual, pagan, rude, unbooked, unbookish, unbooklearned