Synonyms to unholy joy

despite, Schadenfreude, abhorrence, abomination, affront, airs, arrogance, aspersion, at all costs, at any cost, atrocity, audacity, aversion, bold front, boldness, brash bearing, brashness, brassiness, bravado, brazenness, brickbat, bumptiousness, cattiness, cheekiness, clannishness, cliquishness, cockiness, cold shoulder, contempt, contemptuousness, contumacy, contumely, cut, daring, daringness, defial, defiance, defying, derision, despisal, detestation, discourtesy, disdain, disdainfulness, disfavor, disgust, dislike, disparagement, disregard, distaste, dump, enormity, even with, flouting, gibe, gloating pleasure, grudge, harm, hate, hatred, hauteur, humiliation, hurt, ignoring, ill will, impertinence, impudence, in defiance of, in despite of, in spite of, incivility, indignity, injury, insolence, insult, irregardless, irrespective of, jeer, jeering, loathing, malevolence, maliciousness, malignancy, malignity, mock, mockery, notwithstanding, offense, outrage, pertness, put-down, rebuff, recalcitrance, regardless, regardless of, regardless of cost, rejection, repudiation, ridicule, sauciness, scoff, scorn,