Synonyms to ungifted

amateurish, amateur, clumsy, crude, dabbling, defective, deficient, dilettante, dilettantish, faulty, flawed, green, half-assed, half-baked, half-cocked, immature, jackleg, raw, sciolistic, semiskilled, shallow, smattering, sophomoric, superficial, unaccomplished, unbusinesslike, uncoached, unendowed, unfinished, uninitiated, unpolished, unprepared, unprimed, unprofessional, unschooled, unskilled, untalented, untaught, untrained, untutored, ignorant, a novice at, a stranger to, awkward, benighted, blankminded, boorish, brainless, callow, disaccustomed, discourteous, dumb, empty, empty-headed, foolish, fresh, gauche, green as grass, groping, gross, headless, ill-mannered, illiterate, impolite, in the dark, inane, incognizant, inept, inexperienced, ingenuous, innocent, insensate, irrational, know-nothing, lackbrained, lean-minded, lean-witted, lowbrow, mindless, naive, nescient, new to, not bright, oblivious, of little brain, pea-brained, pin-brained, reasonless, rude, rusty, senseless, simple, slackminded, slackwitted, strange to, tentative, unaccustomed, unaccustomed to,