Synonyms to undeveloped

adulterated, airy, attenuate, attenuated, blemished, cut, damaged, defective, deficient, dilute, diluted, erroneous, ethereal, fallible, faulty, fine, flimsy, found wanting, gaseous, immature, impaired, imperfect, imprecise, impure, inaccurate, inadequate, incomplete, inexact, insubstantial, lacking, makeshift, mediocre, mixed, not perfect, off, partial, patchy, rare, rarefied, reduced, short, sketchy, slight, subtile, subtle, tenuous, thin, thinned, thinned-out, uncompact, uncompressed, uneven, unfinished, unperfected, unsound, unsubstantial, unthorough, vaporous, wanting, watered, watered-down, windy, archaic, Gothic, Victorian, abandoned, abjured, antediluvian, antiquated, antique, behind the times, bygone, classical, dated, deserted, discontinued, disused, done with, fossil, fossilized, grown old, medieval, mid-Victorian, not worth saving, obsolescent, obsolete, of other times, old, old-fashioned, old-timey, old-world, on the shelf, out, out of use, out-of-date, outdated, outmoded, outworn, passe, past use, pensioned off, petrified, relinquished, renounced, resigned, retired, superannuate, superann