Synonyms to undesirousness

inappetence, acedia, aloofness, anorexia, anorexia nervosa, apathy, ataraxia, ataraxy, benumbedness, blah, blahs, comatoseness, desirelessness, detachment, disinterest, dispassion, dullness, heartlessness, hebetude, hopelessness, indifference, insouciance, lack of appetite, languidness, lethargicalness, lethargy, listlessness, lovelessness, nirvana, nonchalance, numbness, passionlessness, passiveness, passivity, phlegm, phlegmaticalness, phlegmaticness, plucklessness, resignation, resignedness, sloth, sluggishness, sopor, soporifousness, spiritlessness, spunklessness, stupefaction, stupor, supineness, torpidity, torpidness, torpor, unambitiousness, unconcern, uneagerness, withdrawnness, Buddha-field, Canaan, Civitas Dei, KO, Lethe, New Jerusalem, Zion, absentmindedness, blackout, blank mind, blankmindedness, blankness, bliss, calm of mind, calmness, catalepsy, catatonia, catatony, coma, composure, contemplation, decay of memory, devachan, devaloka, elysium, emptiness of mind, empty-headedness, empyrean, faint, fa