Synonyms to underwater

buried, abstruse, beclouded, blind, close, clouded, concealed, covered, covert, deep-buried, drowned, eclipsed, engulfed, flooded, guarded, hid, hidden, immersed, in a cloud, in a fog, in eclipse, in purdah, in the wings, incommunicado, inundated, latent, mysterious, obfuscated, obscure, obscured, occult, privy, recondite, secluded, secluse, secret, sequestered, shrouded, subaqueous, submarine, submerged, submersed, subterranean, subterraneous, sunken, under an eclipse, under cover, under house arrest, under wraps, underground, undersea, unknown, wrapped in clouds, afloat, at flood, awash, bathed, deluged, dipped, drenched, dribbling, dripping, dripping wet, in spate, inflood, macerated, oozing, overflowed, overwhelmed, permeated, saturated, seeping, soaked, soaking, soaking wet, soaky, sodden, soggy, sopping, sopping wet, soppy, soused, steeped, swamped, swept, washed, water-washed, waterlogged, watersoaked, weeping, weltering, whelmed, wringing wet, at fl