Synonyms to underactivity

dormancy, a wise passiveness, abeyance, apathy, catalepsy, catatonia, cold storage, contemplation, contemplative life, deadliness, deathliness, delitescence, do-nothing policy, do-nothingism, do-nothingness, doldrums, entropy, hibernation, idleness, immobility, inaction, inactiveness, inactivity, indifference, indolence, inertia, inertness, intermission, interruption, laissez-aller, laissez-faire, laissez-faireism, languor, latency, latent content, latent meaningfulness, latentness, lotus-eating, lull, meditation, motionlessness, neutralism, neutrality, neutralness, noninvolvement, nonparticipation, nonresistance, nonviolence, nonviolent resistance, pacifism, paralysis, passive resistance, passive self-annihilation, passiveness, passivism, passivity, policy, possibility, potentiality, procrastination, quiescence, quiescency, quietism, stagnancy, stagnation, standpattism, stasis, suspense, suspension, torpor, vegetation, virtuality, vis inertiae, vita contemplativa, waiting game, watching and waiting, beauty sleep, beddy-bye, bedtime, blanket drill, bye-bye, dorma