Synonyms to unbelieving

atheistic, apostate, atheist, backsliding, blasphemous, disbelieving, faithless, fallen, fallen from grace, gentile, goyish, heathen, impious, infidel, infidelic, irreligious, irreverent, lapsed, minimifidian, misbelieving, non-Christian, non-Jewish, non-Mohammedan, non-Mormon, non-Moslem, non-Muhammadan, non-Muslim, nullifidian, pagan, profanatory, profane, recidivist, recidivistic, recreant, renegade, sacrilegious, unchristian, uncircumcised, undutiful, creedless, heretical, incredulous, nonbelieving, questioning, quizzical, repudiative, skeptical, unconfident, unconverted, unconvinced, without faith, distrustful, Pyrrhonic, agnostic, cagey, cautious, chary, cynical, doubtful, doubting, dubious, envious, from Missouri, green, green with jealousy, green-eyed, hesitant, hesitating, horn-mad, in doubt, invidious, jaundice-eyed, jaundiced, jealous, leery, mistrustful, mistrusting, nervous, sceptical, scrupulous, shy, skept