Synonyms to turn yellow

begild, apply paint, aurify, bedaub, bedizen, besmear, brush on paint, calcimine, coat, color, complexion, cover, dab, daub, deep-dye, dip, distemper, double-dye, dye, emblazon, enamel, engild, face, fast-dye, fresco, gild, glaze, gloss, grain, hue, illuminate, imbue, ingrain, japan, jaundice, lacquer, lay on color, paint, parget, pigment, prime, sallow, shade, shadow, shellac, slop on paint, smear, stain, stipple, tinct, tincture, tinge, tint, tone, undercoat, varnish, wash, whitewash, yellow, adorn, belie, brighten, butter, camouflage, convolute, decorate, disguise, distort, dress up, elaborate, embellish, embroider, enrich, falsify, festoon, flourish, fudge, garble, gild the lily, gloss over, involve, lay on, load with ornament, mask, miscite, miscolor, misquote, misreport, misrepresent, misstate, ornament, overcharge, over