Synonyms to turn about

off and on, alternately, at irregular intervals, at random, back and forth, backward and forward, backwards and forwards, brokenly, by catches, by fits, by jerks, by snatches, by turns, capriciously, changeably, desultorily, disconnectedly, discontinuously, eccentrically, erratically, every other, fitfully, haltingly, hitch and hike, in and out, in rotation, in snatches, in spots, in turns, inconstantly, intermittently, irregularly, jerkily, lurchingly, make and break, nonuniformly, on and off, patchily, reciprocally, ride and tie, roughly, round and round, seesaw, shuttlewise, spasmodically, sporadically, spottily, to and fro, uncertainly, unevenly, unmethodically, unpredictably, unrhythmically, unsteadfastly, unsteadily, unsystematically, up and down, variably, waveringly, whimsically, wobblingly, come about, about ship, alter, ameliorate, attain fulfillment, attend, back and fill, be changed, be converted into, be found, be met with, be realized, be renewed, bear away, bear off, bear to starboard, beat, beat about, become of, befall, betide, bottom out, box off, break, bring abo