Synonyms to tumbling

acrobatics, Rugby, aerobatics, agonistics, association football, athletics, banking, bathing, chandelle, crabbing, dive, diving, fishtailing, glide, gymnastics, natation, nose dive, palaestra, power dive, pull-up, pullout, pushdown, rolling, rugger, sideslip, soccer, spiral, sports, stall, stunting, swimming, tactical maneuvers, track, track and field, volplane, zoom, amusement, breather, calisthenics, diversion, drill, entertainment, exercise, exercising, games, gymnastic exercises, isometrics, pastime, physical education, physical jerks, practice, recreation, setting-up exercises, stretch, workout, yoga, Australian crawl, affusion, aquaplaning, aquatics, aspergation, aspersion, backstroke, balneation, baptism, bath, bathe, bedewing, breaststroke, butterfly, crawl, dampening, damping, deluge, dewing, dog paddle, drowning, fin, fishtail, flapper, flip