Synonyms to trollop

bad lot, backslider, bad egg, black sheep, blighter, degenerate, fallen angel, good-for-nothing, lecher, lost sheep, lost soul, lowlife, miscreant, mucker, no-good, pervert, pimp, profligate, recidivist, recreant, reprobate, rounder, scapegrace, sorry lot, waster, whore, worm, baggage, Gladstone, Jezebel, apparatus, attache case, backpack, bad woman, bag, bag and baggage, bandbox, bitch, briefcase, broad, cargo, carpetbag, carryall, chippy, clitoromaniac, cocotte, consignment, ditty bag, drab, duffel, duffel bag, dunnage, easy lay, easy woman, flight bag, floozy, footlocker, frail sister, freight, freightage, gear, goods, grip, grisette, handbag, harridan, haversack, holdall, hussy, hysteromaniac, impedimenta, jade, kit, kit bag, knapsack, lading, load, loose woman, luggage, nymphet, nympho, nymphomaniac, outfit, overnight bag, pack, payload, pickup, portmanteau, quean, rucksack, satchel, sea bag, shipment, slattern, slut, strumpet, suitcase, tackle, tart, tote bag, tramp, traps, traveling bag, trull, trunk, uteromaniac, wanton, wench, loll, bed, bed down, bum, bum around, couch, crawl, curl up, diddl