Synonyms to trip

airlift, aeroplane, air express, airfreight, airplane, asportation, balloon, be airborne, bearing, carriage, carry, carrying, cartage, conveyance, cruise, drayage, drift, expressage, ferriage, ferry, flight, flit, fly, freight, freightage, glide, haulage, hauling, hop, hover, hydroplane, jet, jump, lighterage, lugging, navigate, packing, portage, porterage, railway express, run, sail, sailplane, seaplane, shipment, shipping, soar, solo, take the air, take wing, telpherage, test flight, toting, transport, transportation, transshipment, truckage, volplane, waft, waftage, wagonage, wing, amble, airing, barge, bowl along, bundle, canter, caracole, claudicate, clump, constitutional, crawl, creep, curvet, dally, dillydally, dogtrot, drag, drag along, drag out, droop, flounce, foot, footslog, forced march, frisk, gait, gallop, go dead slow, go on horseback, go slow, hack, halt, hike, hippety-hop, hitch, hobble, idle, inch, inch along, jaunt, jog, jog-trot, jolt, laze, limp, linger, lock step, loiter, lope, lumber, lunge, lurch, march, mince, mincing steps, mope, mosey, mount, muck, mush, pace, paddle, parade, peg, perip